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  • Shibaricon- large rope bondage convention in Chicago.

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bdsmgeek prepared this amazingly helpful guide to BDSM.  I really, really appreciate it when bloggers take out the time to compile helpful guides and research tools for newcomers to the lifestyle.  From personal experience and observing it at live events, I will say that BDSM done incorrectly can be very painful.  But when it’s done right, it looks absolutely amazing.  Please do the right research and practice before you try this out in the bedroom!

Birthday cake for everyone ! xo beautflstranger


Fetish Wedding Cake!


Impact play is a common kink that’s practiced in D/s dynamics and S&M. It can be a form of punishment, teasing, and funishment. Spanking is the most well-known form of impact play either with hands and brushes. However, other objects can be used depending on the amount of pain or bruising that wants to be inflicted.

Short range vs Long Range:

Short range objects include hand, brush, ruler, belt, paddle, or anything that requires you to stand fairly close to the spankee.

Long range objects include canes, crops, whips, cat o nine tails, and floggers.


  • Practice before engaging in impact play if you’re using long range or hard equipment.
  • Always have your partner’s consent and a safe word. If you don’t have a safe word, use these colors:
    red = stop
    yellow = slow down or pause
    green = resume the scene
  • If the spankee is gagged or cannot speak, use a hand signal as safe words.
  • If you’re using a whip, practice with it before using it on someone. Aiming isn’t as easy as it looks and you could accidentally injure your sub/bottom.
    Also keep in mind that whips can break skin!
  • Never hit the following areas:
    Mid back - Your kidneys are located here
  • These areas can be hit but with caution:
    Face (only with your hand)
    Inner thighs
  • If you spank someone with a cane or whip and the spankee bleeds, clean your equipment before using it on someone else.

A good thing to remember is that fatty areas work well with harder spankings and objects, while boney areas should not be hit with hard objects (like brushes and paddles) and should be hit moderately and lightly.

Don’t be afraid to attend dungeons and observe how others use their toys and ask questions.


Aftercare is extremely important. Not only could you have bruises and welts to soothe but you have to treat subdrop also. If you’re not familiar with subdrop or subspace, refer to this post or read on Google.

Having an aftercare kit is a good start. It should include an icepack, wet cloths, bandaids, a blanket, water and Gatorade, pain relievers, and energy food.

Do not leave your sub or bottom alone after a scene. Hold them, hug them, kiss them, cuddle them or anything that lets you know that you love them and soothes them.

If you’re shaking, feeling lightheaded, panicking, or hyperventilating you should lie down and relax. I recommend taking deep breaths where you breathe in from your nose, hold it in, and then exhale until the next breath comes naturally. This is something that I was taught to do for panic attacks. This should help the tremors (shaking) stop, help you calm down, and bring your heart beat and breathing back to normal.


UNIQUE NUDES HOW-TO TUTORIAL on preparing jute (also works for hemp or other natural fiber) rope for shibari/kinbaku, using photos to demonstrate.

Rigger: Unique Nudes (aka Richard Rasner)
Model: Aphrodite

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Pet really likes this set especially the pictures of my cum dripping from her ;)

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